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GIRASOL ENERGY inc. provides innovative PLC technologies that enable wiser PV Plants.

For Sustainable Solar Power.


PPLC, an IoT Platform for Photovolatic Plant

Sensor Networks and Cloud Engine

By installing a simple IoT sensor, we build 2-way communication (a patented technology) on each PV panel through the power line. Gateway unit behind the combiner-box gathers data from more than hundreds of sensors without any extra node and communicates with cloud platform directly.


PPLC Cloud Engine collects and presents data break down in to single panel-level and locates abnormals automatically by applying our PV A.I. engine.

Benefits of Panel-Resolution IoT Solution
Higher Yield
Safer Plant
Best Transparency
Wiser O&M
Products and Services
  • General Product of PPLC is under development.
  • We offer customization development for specific requirement from PV clients. You can contact us through the inquiring box below.

About US

Girasol Energy and PPLC technologies come from the University of Tokyo. Currently, the technologies are being installed over hundres kW-level plants. 

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November 30, 2017

Here is a TechCrunch post about us!

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Contact us

Please feel free to contact us.

EMAIL: li.min@pplc.co

Company Address & Info.

〒113-0033, Hongo 7-3-1, Bunkyo, Tokyo, Japan

 U-Tokyo Entrepreneur Plaza, Room 205

CEO  Mr.LI Min  -  EMAIL: li.min@pplc.co